Posted on: April 2, 2010 3:25 pm

Arena Football League starts season today

Tonight, the new Arena Football League will kickoff on NFL Network. The game will be the Chicago Rush vs the Iowa Barnstormers (the team notable for Kurt Warner playing there). This will be the first Arena Football League game played in Iowa since the final week of 2000. The Rush are ranked number 1 on the preseason poll of the AFLWA (Arena Football League Writers Association), and my prediction is Chicago beats Iowa 67-57.
Posted on: January 9, 2010 12:29 am

Devils Hockey with Zammy67rocks2

Hi. New Jersey Devils coverage thru the season will happen. Anyway, the thing that no one expected happened on Fridays game vs the Lightning. The Devils were down 3-0, with 9:12 in the second qtr, and then half of the Prudental Centers lights turned off. It was the final meeting between the 2 this year.

       By the way, the Devils play the Habs tommorow night, and I think that the Devils will win if Casey Price uses the pads that always make him suck 24/7. The Habs are going to need an offensive attack if they can beat Bordeur, which is going to be luck if they get some, because Andrei Kostitsyn is out indefiently.

In fantatsy news, the Bruins have suffered many injuries. This may impact 92% of Yahoo! fantatsy leagues, as Marc Savard is owned by that percentage of fantatsy leagues, and the Red Wings had pain too, as their top goal scorer got hurt
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Posted on: January 2, 2010 5:45 pm

Zammys Thoughts

I usually don't talk college baseball, but in the first ever edition of Zammy's thoughts, I will.
Let's start with my thoughts on the bats in college baseball. I think that the only problem with college baseball is the bats they use. Not only does it make an extremely annoying clunck, it also makes 11-8 games happen way too often. It makes hitting in college easy. Next thing you know, when he gets drafted by someone like the Orioles after a 70+ RBI and 25 HR season or something with metal bats, he only get a .255 batting avg., only 35 RBI's and 12 home runs with wooden bats. Here are examples of why college baseball should use wooden bat's.
1.OSU vs FSU: OSU played 2 games in 1 day in an Division-I touney. They won 1, but then they played horrid on pitching in the 2nd game. FSU scored 37 runs (postseason record), had 38 hits (another record), and had SIXTY-SIX total bases (3rd record, with 15 others). Yup, 66. If it we're wooden bats, the score would be 7-5 FSU IMO,and we would see how good they really are.
2.Makes scouting easier: Scouting in college baseball is hard because the wooden bats make it easier to tell who is good, while metal bats make harder hits.
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Posted on: December 29, 2009 5:41 pm

Top 10 NFL teams, and bottom 5

What a dizzy week this has been. A few amazing upsets, and impressive performaces by Jay Culter, and Phillip Rivers. Anyway, let's go:
1.Chargers- They had a great performance vs the Titans. They made big plays on both offense and defense.
2.Colts-Despite the loss, I still rank my  personal favorite team in the top 5. They look good coming into week 17.
3.Eagles-Philly played well vs the Broncos. They have been pretty good.
4.Cardinals-The Cardinals haven't really had an increase in the power ranking because the Rams are a crappy team, but they did finally get 10 wins for the first time since 1976.
5.Patriots-Only one word can say what the Patriots did vs the Jaguars: dominace.
6.Cowboys-The December blues haven't been affecting them this year, which is what they need for a wild card spot in the playoffs.
7.Packers-Aarron Rodgers had an excellent game vs the Seahawks.
8.Falcons-Matt Ryan had an impressive 3 TD day, and the secondary destroyed the passing game.
9.Saints-They're way down here because of the loss to the Buccaneers.
10.Vikings-They were close. They should've won that game.
Now the bottom five,starring plently o' teams from the worst 7 in the NFL right now:
28.Buccaneers-Despite beating the Saints, they are still in the bottom 5, because it took till OT to make the Buccanners win.
29.Browns-First time this season above 30th place all season, but they barely got up because it was vs the Raiders.
30.Rams-Loss after loss, after loss makes them here.
31.Raiders-Ony 3 FG's vs a lame Browns defense.
32.Lions-Got pwned 20-6 by the 49ers, and couldn't do anything on both sides of the ball.

Posted on: December 24, 2009 11:45 am

Utes win Poinsetta Bowl, Shaq vs Kobe, and NFL

Poinsetta Bowl: The Utah Utes beat the Califorina Golden Bears to end their season with an 10-3 record, as well as having their streak of bowl wins become 9, tying the Trojans for 2nd most bowl wins in a row. The Utes sealed the game with a interception returned for a touchdown with around 5 minutes left.

Shaq vs Kobe on Christmas:Nothing better than 3 of the best modern players, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James facing off on Christmas. This is the match of the week infact. I am thinking the Cavilers will grab the upset 120-119 in a 2OT classic. Expect a lot of players to have a double-double, because of how good this matchup looks. There may be a few blocks, but not many defensive plays otherwise

Broncos vs Chargers: The Chargers have been winning a lot, including last weeks win over the currently emotional Cincincatti Bengals, on the Sunday after WR Chris Henry's death, also, the Broncos started 4-0 and have been losing 6 out of 10 games since then, including games to the Raiders and Redskins, making them 8-6 as of now. I think the keys for the Denver Broncos are that they get more effeicent in the red zone, and 60.2% of vistors say that the key to winning the next couple of games is redzone effencinty.

MLB Offseason report:Right hand picther Matt Capps has signed to a one year deal with the Washington Nationals, and infield Garrett Akins has been signed to a one year deal with the Orioles according to

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